About us

Ullis Experience is a Freelancer´s Travel Studio

We arrange great guided experiences in Helsinki and in Finland  

Our specialities are: 

  • The culture of the sauna
  • The cultural history tour of Helsinki and Finland including 
    • The Suomenlinna sea fortress
    • The Senate Square
    • The Esplanade park
    • The Rock Church
    • The Sibelius monument
    • The Finlandia Hall
    • The National Museum
    • Helsinki libraries
    • architecture, food, design and shopping
  • The Urban and Nature Helsinki including the attractions at the city center  of Helsinki - plus 
  • a walk or a cruise in the nature of 
    • The Vallisaari Island
    • Saunasaari Island
    • Seurasaari park
    • Uutela Nature reserve
    • Kallvik peninsula
    • Lapinlahti park and the old Mental hospital designed by C.L.Engel in 1841,  
    • and more!
  • I was born in Savonlinna, on the lake district of Finland near the Russian border and I would love to take you on a great couple of days excursion to view the small towns and villages and farms, the nature and the Olavinlinna Castle. And a brilliant idea for a cultural visit would be the Savonlinna Opera Festival in Julyhttp://www.operafestival.fi/en

I have more than 40 years of experience on different fields in travel business in Finland and abroad. 

I am a writer and I have written about culture and tourism, I am also a blogger. 

Here is my cv, if you are interested for further information:

Ulla-Maija Katriina Rouhiainen 

BA, ICT, Authorised tourist guide, Author,Lecturer

Address: Kaivonkatsojantie 5 B 24, 00980 Helsinki, Finland
Telephone: +358 40 5879869
e-mail: ulla-maija.rouhiainen (at) ullisexperience.fi



  • Ullis Experience Travel Studio. Authorised Guide in Helsinki and Finland, Urban and Nature Programs, Special Sauna guide, programs in Suomenlinna, Vallisaari, Hietaniemi Cemetery, Seurasaari, Helsinki Winter Garden, Nuuksio, Uutela and Kallvik areas. Porvoo and Tuusulanjärvi region, many destinations in the Western part of Uusimaa region.
  • Non Fiction Author, Senior Lecturer in Business Management and Tourism

Working experience :

  • Freelancer and entrepreneur in tourism since 1991. Tour operating, marketing, sales, tour design, guiding and educational consultations and projects in Finland and abroad.
  • Perho College (former Helmi College), Helsinki. Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Cultural History 1.1.2014 – 1.8.2017. Retired.
  • Edupoli, Adult Education Centre, Helsinki, Trainer in Entrepreneurship and Management, 2010-11
  • Adulta, Adult Education Centre, Helsinki, Trainer in Tourism programs services and guiding, 2007-2009
  • Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Helsinki Business Polytechnic, Helia Porvoo-Borgå), Lecturer in Tourism and in Cultural History since 2004
  • Posintra Oy, Porvoo, Project Manager in Tourism 19.9.2002 – 30.10.2004
  • Trientalis europaea Oy - Travel Consulting – Managing Director 1991 – 2002
  • Friendship Tours, Helsinki, Marketing Director 88-91
  • Heli´s Travel Agency, Jyväskylä, Special Tours Manager, Marketing Manager 84-88
  • Itä-Suomi Travel Agency, Joensuu, Managing Director 83-84
  • Joensuu Travel Agency, Joensuu, Production Manager 82
  • Olympia Air Travel, Helsinki, Deputy Production Manager of Longhaul tours 79-81
  • Matka Rasila Travel Agency, Helsinki, Travel Consultant, 76-79
  • Travel Agency Matkarengas, Helsinki, Booking clerk 75-76
  • The Library of the Municipality of Savonranta, Librarian 72-75
  • Puruvesi, local newspaper, Punkaharju, journalist and local correspondent 71-72

Other work experience:

  • Helmi Business College, Helsinki, Senior Lecturer in tourism, since 2010 -
  • Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Kerava, Senior Lecturer in tourism since 2010 -
  • Omnia Adult Education Centre, Lecturer in Tourism, since 1.8.2009
  • Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Senior Lecturer in Tourism, Author of learning and tutorial material since 1.8.2009-
  • An Authorized Helsinki-guide, including the Metropolitan area (Tuusulanjärvi, Porvoo, Uusimaa Region). Special interest programs, sauna guidances. Theme programs of Finland.
  • Ulla-Maija Rouhiainen Consulting tmi, private company since 2003
  • University of Joensuu, Savonlinna, Project Manager in Tourism 6/1999- 5/2000
  • Utbildning NORD, Övertorneå, Sweden. Teacher in Tourism. Three courses, each duration of four weeks, teaching in Swedish and in Finnish languages 1992-1993
  • Karjalainen Newspaper, Joensuu, Local Correspondent and Litterary Rewier 74-75
  • Kääpäsaari Holiday Village, Savonranta, Sales Secretary and Guide 73-75
  • Itä-Savo newspaper, Savonlinna, Local Correspondent 72-74


BA, Bachelor of Arts in Creative writing and Tourism, University of Jyväskylä 2010

  • Suomenlinna and Vallisaari Authorized guide 2017
  • Special Travel guide Examination, 2016 Helmi College
  • Special Travel guide Examination for FAM-clients, 2014 Helmi College
  • Travel Guide Vocational Examination, Adulta, 2009
  • Wilderness guide. Courses. Hyria, 2010 -11
  • PD, Professional Development in Tourism Program, 2005. University of Joensuu
  • Cum laude in Tourism 2006. Network University of Tourism, Savonlinna
  • Nature Tourism program, University of Joensuu, 1993-94
  • IATA-UFTAA Diploma, Geneva 1979, Grade Excellent
  • Several programs and seminars on international tourism and air traffic in Finland, Germany and in The United States by Finnair, Lufthansa, Pan Am, shipping companies, tour operators, tourism organizations f.eg. ASTA, UFTAA since 1975
  • Specialist in Competence Based Qualifications
  • Other education:
  • Towards Multicultural Pedagogy, 30 op, 2009, University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä
  • Creative writing 2005 - 2010. University of Jyväskylä
  • Programs of non-fiction writing, Orivesi School for Writers 2004 - 2005
  • Cultural Management program, Culminatum, Helsinki, 2000
  • Program of non-fiction writing, University of Helsinki, 1997
  • Course in French, University of Jyväskylä, 1987
  • Librarian, Helsinki 1972, Grade Excellent
  • Several short courses and seminars in Journalism
  • Several short courses and seminars in Service Industries and Management skills
  • Matriculation Examination in 1984, private pupil, High School of Liperi, Grade laudatur


Fluency in spoken and in written English and Swedish
Intermediate command in German language

Computer skills:

Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Social media (FB, Instagram, Twitter) Blogs: Blogs: stoori.fi/ullis-r-urgent , ullisexperience.wordpress.com, ullisopeblogi.wordpress.com, programs for editing web-pages; Wordpress, First Page, Front Page, e-learning platforms Moodle, Optima, Blackboard, eStudio


  • Learning material in guiding and cultural tourism, Helmi Business College, 2013 - 2017
  • Sauna. Article in a text book. Karusaari & Nylund: Matkailu on Cool. Sanoma Pro. 2009 and 2015
  • Cultural Tourism and Entrepreneurship in Rural Tourism. Kulttuurimatkailu- ja yrittäminen. 2012. Haaga-Helia The University of Applied Sciences.
  • Love poem. Engraved on a lamp post in the public park in The City of Loviisa, 2011. Published by The City of Loviisa ja Fortum Oyj
  • The Finnish Arts and Crafts for Tourists. 2011. The Cultural Tourism-material Haaga-Helia The University of Applied Sciences. In Finnish and in English
  • Hyvä Suomi! E-learning material of Finnish language for economists.2010. Edupoli Oy In Finnish.
  • Finland as A Travel Destination (Suomi matkailumaana, osa 1.) E-learning material of tourism together with Heidi Jakkula. 2009.Adulta Oy
  • Sauna. The Bathing and The Tourist. Non fiction book. 2008. ( Satu meni saunaan. Matkailua ja kylpemisen kulttuuria. Tietokirja.) Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. in English and in Finnish
  • The Tourism Marketing. The Theories and The Tools (Matkailumarkkinoinnin teorioita ja työkaluja),together with Arja Puustinen. 2007. Edita.
  • Sauna in Rural Tourism. 80 s. (Sauna ja maaseutumatkailu. 180 s.)Amber - project (Leonardo da Vinci), 2007. Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. E-learning material and printed versions in English and in Finnish
  • Tourism Entrepreneur´s Book of Finland. Matkailuyrittäjän Maamme-kirja.2006. Edita.
  • Service Culture. Palvelija on johtaja.2005. Article published in the Annual Book of Tourism in Finland. Edita.
  • Tourism in Africa 2005. Onko turismista toivoa Afrikalle? Article published in Anthology of Tourism Sociology.
  • Tours for Families - brochure 2005. City of Helsinki, Tourism and Convention Bureau.
  • Gazeta, Newspaper of Finland to Russian tourists. Two volumes in 2003 and 2004. Chief Editor and several articles and columns.
  • Porvoo ja Loviisa, Old Cities in Winter. Newspaper. 2003. Chief Editor and several articles and columns.
  • Portfolio- A method to create your business idea. 2002. Large article published in the internet portal of Lasmak Economics Ltd. www.lasmak.com
  • The Routes for Cultural Tourists in Finland. Finnish Tourist Board. 2001 and 2002.
  • Scandinavian Agent´s Manual for North American markets, Finnish Tourist Board, 2001.
  • Three fictional stories of Helsinki; Elle, Richard, They were two guys, 2003. City of Helsinki, Tourism and Convention Bureau.
  • Travel Agent´s Manual 2001. City of Helsinki, Tourism and Convention Bureau.
  • The Tourist´s Seven Longings 1999. Article in the book FINLAND.The Northern Experience, New Europe and the Next Millennium, Tammi.
  • Tourism and the Enviroment. 1995. Audio lectures. University of Helsinki
  • SATUMAA Matkailun perusteet, osa 1. 1994. KSL Opintokeskus. Book on International Tourism, vol 1.
  • SATUMAA Matkailun perusteet, osa 2. 1996. KSL Opintokeskus. Book on International Tourism, vol 2.
  • Educational materials of Tourism, Traffic, Geography and Cultural History since 1991
  • Articles, columns and literary reviews in newspapers and magazines:Helsingin Sanomat, Iltasanomat, Keskisuomalainen, Kotiliesi, Me Naiset, Pellervo, Hymy, Karjalainen, Rakennusvalvonta, Puruvesi-lehti.
  • Editing, writing and designing a large number of commercial publications on tourism, brochures, marketing materials, professional manuals, web-pages, press releases, advertisements, etc. since 1976.


The Society of Non-fiction Writers in Finland (Suomen Tietokirjailijat ry)
The Society of Bibliophilists of Finland (Bibliofiilien seura ry)

Helsinki Tourist Guides (Helsingin Turistioppaat ry)

Helsingfors auktoriserade turistguider rf. ( Swedish Tourist guides in Helsinki)

SKÅL Club International Helsinki


Member of the Board of the Helsinki Tourist Guides 2010 -2017

Member of the Board the SKÅL Club International Helsinki since 2011-2016

Member of the Regional Council of Tourism on Eastern Uusimaa Region 2002-2004
Member of the Professional Advisory Committee of the Lönnrot School in Sammatti 2001 - 2006
Member of the Advisory Committee of The National Nature Entrepreneurship-project, LUOLA, 2002 -04
Member of the PD-Examination Board of the University of Joensuu 1997 – 2001


Kansan Sivistysrahasto (People´s Fund for Education): Writer residence summer 2015

The Ministry of Education in Finland, in 1997, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009,2010,2011,2012
The Society of Non-fiction Writers in Finland in 1997, 1998, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008,2010, 2012

Travelling Experience in Business:

Travel production and commercial negiotiation trips, travel fairs and congresses such as ITB, WTM, PATA, ASTA, POW WOW, TUR, REISE, Finland workshops in
The Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada ( Toronto, Niagara), Dominican Republic, Egypt, Spain, South Korea, Hongkong, Great Britain, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Greece, Cuba, Luxemburg, The Virgin Islands (USA), The Soviet Union and Russia, Norway, Puerto Rico, France, Sweden, Germany (East and West), Singapore, Switzerland, Denmark, Thailand, Czech Republic, Tunisia, Turkey, Hungary, Estonia, The United States ( New York, East Coast, Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, Hawaii), Ukraine

Travelling Experience as a tour leader and a tour guide:

The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Soviet Union and Russia, Sweden, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, The United States and Finland

Guiding in Helsinki and in Finland

  • Helsinki-guide in Finnish, Swedish and English since 2009
  • Sauna- programs for the international media groups hosted by Helsinki City Tourist and Convention Bureau, The Finnish Tourist Board, Finnair and Finpro since 2009
  • Special Interest-programs ; The National Museum, Seurasaari Open Air Museum, Porvoo and the Uusimaa Region, Lake Tuusula Region
  • Suomenlinna fortress, Vallisaari Island
  • Hietaniemi Cemetery
  • Tour operators and Travel Agencies: Strömma (Helsinki Expert), Kuoni, Profiteam, Next Travel, Lss-Long Special Services, TTE Travel Experience, Tumlare, Finnair, Profiteam, Baltic Blues, Lahti Region, Jerome Travel
  • Companies and private groups in Finland and abroad

Interviews and commentaries in the Finnish media:

Appearances in the radio broadcasting channels Ylen ykkönen, Radio Suomi, Radio YleQ and several local radio stations. Appearances in the Finnish broadcasting channels TV1 and TV2. In newspapers and magazines Helsingin Sanomat, Kauppalehti, Kotiliesi, Ilta-Sanomat, Keskisuomalainen, Anna, Itä-Savo, Savonmaa, Karjalainen, Puruvesi, Västra Nyland, Hufvudstadsbladet, Hangon lehti, Länsi-Uusimaa, Länsiväylä, Maaseudun Tulevaisuus, Uusimaa, Borgåbladet, Turun Sanomat, Kouvolan Sanomat, Ikkunapaikka, Sisä-Suomen lehti, Helsingin Uutiset. Appearances in social media on several occasions in connection of current topics of international tourism

Hobbies and interests:

Books, gardens, writing, history and politics, crocheting voodoo-dolls.

Spouse: Journalist and press photographer Kari Rouhiainen and two sons
- Rymy born and his wife Akiko and two grandchildren Aino Asami, and Saimi Tsukimi
- Tarmo
- three sisters, two brothers, 38 cousins, uncles and aunts

The new Lonely Planet has included my sauna guiding into the newest Lonely Planet Culture Trails -travel guide book:


Finland is the only country in the world where all the ports freese during the winter. These are the mighty icebreakers on summer holiday at the Katajanokka harbour in Helsinki.

The Senate Square is known of it´s famous neoclassical architecture by Carl Ludwig Engel. The square is full of activities through the year.

The Sibelius Monument by Eila Hiltunen is dedicated to our national composer Jean Sibelius. The monument is visited by hundereds of thousand guests every year in Helsinki. Here is true tunes of the Finnish soul: The Alla Marcia -part of the famous Karelia suite by Sibelius. Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra is playing and the orchestra is conducted by Finnish Leif Segerstam.

We have more that three million saunas in Finland. Some of them are inviting guests to experience the essence of the Finnish hospitality. Our sauna tour will widen your senses and you will start feeling much better. 

These brave boys are Ash Bhardwaj from the U.K. and Alberto Caceres from Mexico making a video of the tradition of the sauna 1st April 2018