Helsinki urban and nature

Urban and nature tours

Urban areas are built side by side with vast regions of pure nature: sea shores and forests, meadows and bogs and swamps. The northern nature in Finland has dramatic changes in the course of a year, half the year is light, half is dark. Half the year it is cold and the waters freeze and half the year the 198000 lakes and the sea are open. But swimming season lasts 12 months, ice or no ice. 

The nature makes everyone feel good. Even the first five minutes in the nature make you relax, lowers the blood pressure and makes you breathe deeper. The forest makes you happy.

Our Urban and Nature -tour takes you to a city tour of Helsinki topped with a walk in the forest and the seashore. 

Departure: from the city centre

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 30 € / person. Minimum group size 10 persons.

Price includes a ticket in public transportation and a snack with drink.